Alan Chang

University of Chicago

Talk Title: Analytic capacity and projections

Abstract: We study the connection between the analytic capacity of a set and the size of its orthogonal projections. More precisely, we prove that if $E\subset \C$ is compact and $\mu$ is a Borel measure supported on $E$, then the analytic capacity of $E$ satisfies $$ \gamma(E) \geq c\,\frac{\mu(E)^2}{\int_I \|P_\theta\mu\|_2^2\,d\theta}, $$ where $c$ is some positive constant, $I\subset [0,\pi)$ is an arbitrary interval, and $P_\theta\mu$ is the image measure of $\mu$ by $P_\theta$, the orthogonal projection onto the line $\{re^{i\theta}:r\in\R\}$. This result is related to an old conjecture of Vitushkin about the relationship between the Favard length and analytic capacity. This is joint work with Xavier Tolsa.

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